Do you tip the people at Sonic I've heard different things about this.?

Answer Choice is yours, but they do get paid minimum wage or better with experience and responsibility--just like you. However, you have the opportunity to have many different jobs and may choose to take... Read More »

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Has anyone heard about sonic under ground?

I dont know I just knowtis it was a show a couple of weeks ago?

What are the most irritating things you've heard as a Veg/Vegan?

My favourite is: We see animals do it, so it must be ok, its the way of nature, animals eat other animals and we are top of the food chain.To which i reply: "I have seen a lot of animals clean thei... Read More »

I'm want to buy a laptop, with my own money, i have heard many things about which brand to buy help?

Macbook is what I have it's very good and fast!

What are the most irritating/ridiculous things you've heard as a Veg/Vegan?

In real life the only ridiculous thing is pretty much the opposite of what people say to you."You're a vegetarian? I never would have guessed. But you've only recently become a vegetarian, right? W... Read More »