Do you tip the people at Sonic I've heard different things about this.?

Answer Choice is yours, but they do get paid minimum wage or better with experience and responsibility--just like you. However, you have the opportunity to have many different jobs and may choose to take... Read More »

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Has anyone heard about sonic under ground?

I dont know I just knowtis it was a show a couple of weeks ago?

Why do people feel this way about children remembering things?

Ya I don't understand that.I think that things like disneyland...should be delayed until the child is old enough to actually participate...I don't understand the point of bringing a 9 month old to ... Read More »

Hi, I really need a new pc, wheres the best place to go Ive heard bad things about dell and pc world,?

I got my laptop ,,and my pc on,,,, good deal too !

I have heard good things about MASTER GARDENERS. How do you become one and how much do they get paid?

BACK OFF FOLKS, LETS HEAR IT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH. I have been a state certified MASTER GARDENER since 1989. Prior to that, I was a military officer, worked for the government and was twice elec... Read More »