Do you tip for a peapod delivery?

Answer The Peapod service delivers groceries directly to your home or business. While Peapod charges a fee based on the grocery bill, tipping is optional and consumers can offer a nominal tip for large or... Read More »

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How Much Should I Tip Peapod?

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How much should you tip a pizza delivery person WHEN YOU'VE ALREADY BEEN CHARGED A 2.00 DELIVERY FEE on order?

Screw that. Why would you tip when you are charged a delivery fee. I say a big fat ZERO. I usually try to avoid pizza places that charge delivery fees. If I do order from them then sorry the dr... Read More »

What does a delivery nurse do during a child delivery?

a delivery nurse only helps the doctor with getting the tools and helps holds the mothers legs up and when the baby is born the nurse takes the baby and washes it off and raps a blanket around it a... Read More »

Should I Still Tip If There Is a Delivery Fee?

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