Do you tip a colonic hydrotherapist?

Answer On One Hand: Not TraditionallyAccording to Pay Scale, you usually do not tip people in the medical profession. In addition, colonic hydrotherapists typically do not make a significant portion of th... Read More »

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How to Prepare for a Colonic?

Colonic irrigation, also referred to as a colonic, is a procedure intended to remove waste and toxins from the bowel. Considered a complementary therapy, there is no medical or scientific evidence ... Read More »

Home Colonic Methods?

Colonic methods are ways of cleaning out the colon or large intestine. The colon is one of the main organs that helps keep the body clean and free of toxins. The body cleans itself through regular ... Read More »

Colonic Therapy Schools?

Colonic therapy, also known as colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation, is an alternative medical procedure that uses low-pressure water to cleanse out the colon. Practitioners tout such benefits ... Read More »

How much does colonic irrigation cost?

According to, colonic irrigation prices vary state by state, but range from $55 to $95 per session. Most full treatments consist of two or three sessions over a period of seven to t... Read More »