Do you this he might like me.. (online)?

Answer Yes I believe he likes you, I have had experience with a guy acting the same way as you have described e.g. talking most nights, he started the conversations, etc. After a few months he admitted to... Read More »

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How to Figure Out if an Online Person Might Like You?

Does she like me???If you are online and there is this person who you think likes you but you don't know (pretty hard cause you can't see the person, but not impossible) here is a way to find out how.

To all the others TTC, thought you might like to read on this...?

OOOOOO, thank you VERY much. My husband and I are trying to conceive with our second and if we have troubles again I VERY well may try that. Sounds so lovely! Thanks for posting that! ^_^

I know this question might come off sounding like i am clueless, but what does effaced mean (thank you)?

Dilation and effacement refer to the condition of the cervix during pregnancy and labor. Dilation refers to the opening of the cervix, while effacement refers to the "ripening" (thinning and softe... Read More »

TTC can be very frustrating,You Might think Im sad to think like this?

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU, I felt like crying today because i just found out my friend is pregnant, the only one left that was ttc lol and I still haven't, my husband and i have been trying for a ye... Read More »