Do you think/wish that Facebook allowed users to track who viewed their profile?

Answer yes and no. sometimes I want to see who's looked at my profile, but sometimes I'll look at someone's profile just to look at a picture or something but I don't necessarily want them to see that.

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Do people know when I've viewed their facebook profile?

How to know who has viewed my facebook profile?

no there is no such way u can see it..but you can guess by facebook algorithm who interact you more means something like who visit your profile more check this Read More »

Why is it that many users post their pics on Facebook but when on Y!A...?

as long as your anonymous u can ask anything u like without having anyone judging u. on facebook everyone knows you and being anonymous is pointless..

Is there any way to see who has viewed your facebook profile?

Facebook currently does not provide an application that allows users to track profile views or statistics on the views of any specific user content. Third party developers, however, may offer appli... Read More »