Do you think,I'm good in maths?

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What is a good maths activity that is good fun for 6-8 year olds ?

flash cards,you get two teamsyou hold up a card with like2x3 on it and they have to call out the answerthe first person out of the pair to call it out gets the point for their team.i played it when... Read More »

I am not that good at maths but..........?

Wait.... don't set sail without me.....and the girls.We want to ride on the good ship LOLLIPOP with you.Honey I can't even get the day I am supposed to go to get my blood test right and I am about ... Read More »

How to Understand Maths?

Tired of failing Maths class? Want to be as smart as that kid who sits next to you? Don't know how? Follow this Guide and you'll understand everything-ish.

What is RM Maths?

"RM Maths" refers to a set of educational software made by the RM company. These are designed to be individualized learning for primary school children. The lessons are adjusted to each student's c... Read More »