Do you think youtube will ever roll back to the good old days, the old format?

Answer unfortunately No, youtube has gone down hill since google took over. The ****** up everything.thanks google!

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Do you think I will ever be good on Youtube?

Okay let's start with the good and then talk about what you might want to changeFirst your video quality and sound is well done which is a lot better then the majority of gaming videos out there. S... Read More »

Does anyone know if marlena will ever come back to Days Of Our Lives?

An official "Spoiler Poster" said that there was a chance of a return for both John & Marlena, along with several other characters in this thread:…

DOOL do you think that Nicole and Eric will ever get back together?

Not to be rude but DUH! Thats exactly whats going to happen why else would they bring back Eric and have Nicole all of a sudden still in love with him when for years no mention of him what so ever.... Read More »

I am 37 weeks 2 days pregnant 80 percent effaced a good 2 cm dilated my doctor says I'll have the baby in less than 10 days but how soon do you think it could be?

Here is my timeline if it helps.I'm 37 weeks 2 days also and my ob said at my last appointment 4 days ago that I'm 80% effaced and dilated to a 'loose 3cm'.At my appointment 7 days before that I wa... Read More »