Do you think youtube will ever roll back to the good old days, the old format?

Answer unfortunately No, youtube has gone down hill since google took over. The ****** up everything.thanks google!

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How do you get your youtube account back to good standing, how do I fix it?

The copyright strike you incurred will remain on your Youtube account for the next six months before it's in good standing once again. You can't do anything about it al all. Remember you must never... Read More »

How do i convert the .VSP format to a format i can use to upload to youtube?

Hi im guessing that your using VideoStudio, correct??First you don't actually convert your VSP into an MPEG, you create a video file (MPEG).Since you are ready to create a video file, go to1.Share ... Read More »

YOUTUBE RECORDING Can you download youtube videos in avi format with a free program thanks?

Do I Have 90 Days to Roll Over My 401k?

A 401k is a retirement plan that larger employers commonly offer to employees. If you follow IRS regulations, you may be able to roll over your 401k plan to another qualified retirement plan such a... Read More »