What age would you think is appropriate to think about getting your daughter birth control?

Answer It is different for everyone. I had birth control pills at 12 because the Dr. prescribed them for severe menstrual cramps, they worked. If you plan on being sexually active (or even if you don't pl... Read More »

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What should you do if you are 14 and you think you're pregnant but you think your mum will kill you What are my options?

because i no what it feels like to think you are pregnat, i would go to your loacal clinic and ask them for a free pregnancy test and if it comes out positive then tell some one you can trust and g... Read More »

Do you think when your male contact that you normally love corrects your grammar during your lady time...?

If you feel like somethings swimming in your stomachenasueafatigueheadachesbreast tendernesseating moreand mood swings and think your nine weeks pregnant but youved had a regular period but then your?

Teens: Do you think you will wait til your married til you lose your virginity?

Yes, I hope I have the strength to maintain that moral.I certainly know the strength of temptation, and I want to get married later in life (Somewhere around 25, after I've finished my first year o... Read More »