Do you think you would die if?

Answer No, coz Ive been pretty lucky in my life;

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Did you think wearing glasses would make us think you're smart?

aww snap, can't get nothin past you Callum :/

What age would you think is appropriate to think about getting your daughter birth control?

It is different for everyone. I had birth control pills at 12 because the Dr. prescribed them for severe menstrual cramps, they worked. If you plan on being sexually active (or even if you don't pl... Read More »

Ladies,if i walked up and i asked if i could take a pic of you,would that be ok,or would you think it strange?

No way - that's bordering on perversion! If you like the look of her, get chatting and ask her out. I have visions of you with an an array of photographs of women adorning your sweaty little room... Read More »

My eight year old son asked for weights for Christmas I think he's too young a friend told me he would be fine if I made limits What do you think?

At age 8 your son should not be worrying about wieghts and muscles. He should be doin fun children activities. I would wait until he was atleast age 13 or well into puberty as you don't want to sti... Read More »