If you think you are pregnant would you still get cramps like your period was coming around the same time it would come if you were not pregnant?

Answer AnswerCramps, from minor period cramps to severe cramps that make you run to the bathroom constantly, just POSITIVE you have started your period, are very normal! I have three healthy children. Eve... Read More »

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Did u think your ttc journey would be like it has been?

all my close friends and family got pregnant straight away no one in my family or friends has ever had problems conceiveing so i assumed i wouldn't that was back in end of 2005 me and my partner we... Read More »

Do you think Justin Bieber would like my makeup look?

What do you think Facebook would taste like if you could eat it?

It would taste like the flesh of thousands of people melded together with an electrical tinge.Best served well-done.

What do you think the world would be like without photography?

Ans: yess when camera on,then i click in power of mobile..then off.