Do you think wikipedia is a good site for reassearch?

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Do you think Wikipedia should be considered a credible site?

Lauren, you sound young, and therefore I am going to assume that you may be more gullible than someone with more experience. I am going to give you two facts about Wikipedia, and if they don't cha... Read More »

Do u think WIKIPEDIA is the most hard site to read?

You're actually quite right. I believe that the method of LINKING each word to all other words and definitions actually does not allow you to focus on what you're reading.It's all one big mess, no... Read More »

Is wikipedia a good site?

Yes, Wikipedia is amongst the most trusted websites. You can find almost anything on any topic. It has become the largest and most popular general reference work on the Internet, ranking around se... Read More »

Is it true that wikipedia is not a good site to find information?

Yes, it is true. You should never use wikipedia as a source for academic purpose. This is because anyone can go and change the information on this site. Even you can go and become a member and chan... Read More »