Do you think black people look strange with green eyes?

Answer Wear what you like. Some color contacts do look fake.....on ANYONE who wears them. But if you have realistic looking contacts I think it would look cool. And, contrary to what some have said, gr... Read More »

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What food in your area do you think will appear strange to the world?

Do You Think Cheerios Make Being Taken to a Strange Land By Strangers any Less Scary?

Hi Heather,ha ha ha ha....NO. Sorry the vision of my husband bringing our DD home was sssoooo opposite of that commercial. Nothing would comfort her, nothing. I wouldn't expect anything to eithe... Read More »

Do you think cigarette packs should have visual warning labels?

Yeah, sure thing, and so should alcohol too. I've gotten skatfaced drunk and almost hurt myself a couple of times drinking, said stupid things, and even made my only girlfriend leave me, and hardly... Read More »

Ladies,if i walked up and i asked if i could take a pic of you,would that be ok,or would you think it strange?

No way - that's bordering on perversion! If you like the look of her, get chatting and ask her out. I have visions of you with an an array of photographs of women adorning your sweaty little room... Read More »