Do you think union movement will stumble or thrive in the years ahead?

Answer Answer Although union's number and power have diminished steadily over the last couple of decades I believe that the union movement will thrive in the years ahead. Union membership may never reach... Read More »

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When you really think about it wasn't The Wizard Of Oz an amazing movie years ahead of it's time?

yes i would agree, The Wizard of Oz is a movie that transcends age and time and is a lesson for us all that our true hearts desires are never any farther than our own loved ones, whether near or far.

What do you think the banks will do about this "free rent" movement?

My sympathy is for the homeowner...He's the one they promised the moon to......and then they gave him a lightbulb...

How to Think Ahead?

No one can see the future, yet we all must make guesses about it in order to make decisions and be better prepared for what comes our way. The guesses that we make aren't based on seeing the future... Read More »

What do you think DSLRS will be like in 10 years ?

The advancement would be two fold of that which we see today, about 10 years after the first practical DSLR, when you think in terms of Moore's Law that states roughly, that integrated circuit tech... Read More »