Do you think this sounds ok to say to a girl I like on facebook?

Answer Instead of writing that on her wall you should use the facebook IM to talk to her. This will show that it "just happened to be a coincidence" that you two were online at the same time ;] Hey, I've ... Read More »

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Can anybody think of good Facebook status games (Ex: like this and I'll tell you what I like about you)?

inbox me a question, any question, and i'll answer as honestly as i can.first person to like this status will be my profile picture for 24 hours. post this in your status. i call choosing the picture!

How do I stop this girl I dont like from following me on facebook?

you just block her, and neither of you will ever be able to see anything the other does

This sounds silly, but; but do you think being on this site could prevent dementia?

It's possible. As you say, it's never dull here. I am glad to hear how your memory has improved and that your stress level has been reduced. God blesses those of us who are His with encouragers.

What do you think of people who put up pictures like this on their facebook/myspace/bebo ?

What does it matter what we think? We're just words on a screen. People can post whatever they feel comfortable with on those sites, assuming it doesn't breach any rules or regulations. It's just t... Read More »