Do you think this section is a bit boring?

Answer Why no, not at all. If you stick around you can answer, "Coke or Pepsi" 20 times a day. Don't know whether it is short memory span or total burn out on whatever.

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R&P: Why is this section so boring now (I'd like to get to know you better)?

There are too many trolls around. Too many gossipers too. I am here though. Let's make the most of it! Rock and Roll will never die. Let's keep it alive.1. Pink Floyd2. "Tomorrow Never Knows" ... Read More »

Do you think there are any fakes in this section?

Mhmm.I won't name names, but besides the one I mentioned in my question, I know at least 2-4 others who come on here regularly who are fake. I don't understand people.

Do you think it would save time if Answers put this at the top of the page in the medical section?

Excellent suggestion sweetie. I have to admit it does become a bit tiresome having to repeat the same answer 50x daily. The Pill one always floors me; I can't understand why a) they don't listen to... Read More »

Do you think this section would be better if there weren't top contributors and regulars?

Oh TiredMum, I think you need to lay down and take a nap, you sound tired.