Do you think this permanent?

Answer Almost all women have one boob that's bigger than the other. As for the shape, that's perfectly normal. If you don't like the shape moulded bras can hide them. Something that is important to rememb... Read More »

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My girlfriend says she's getting fitted with a dental dam. What's best, the permanent or semi-permanent kind?

This sort of question should be in the Sports > Outdoor Recreation > Hunting area. Beavers build dams fella.

What Is the Difference Between Semi Permanent & Demi Permanent Hair Color?

Semi-Permanent and Demi-Permanent hair colors are similar in terms of the end result. However, they differ in how they are formulated and the way the color deposits onto hair follicles. ... Read More »

Demi Permanent Vs. Semi Permanent Hair Color?

Both demi-permanent and semi-permanent hair color dyes can be applied at a salon or at home. The main differences between demi and semi-permanent hair color are the duration the color lasts and how... Read More »

How Permanent Are Permanent Markers on Materials?

Despite their name, permanent markers are not permanent in all situations on every material. Permanent markers are commonly referred to as permanent because they are more likely to be permanent tha... Read More »