Do you think this is offensive GIRLS ONLY!!?

Answer Kayla, I have a suggestion, but you have to be really brave to pull it off. Next time Mr. Charm starts this crap with you, look at him very sincerely. And lower your voice sligh... Read More »

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How could this be offensive?

Sorry, but it wasn't removed for being offensive. It was removed for copyright infringement. Any video that has been professionally produced probably has a copyright and the sesame street ones we... Read More »

Do you notice anything... offensive in this ?

seems to me like they mostly got blemishes and/or larger noses, so it would be offensive to people who have larger noses or acne~cathy

How to Tell Someone That Something They Said Offended You Without Being Offensive Yourself?

It's inevitable: You will one day be in a social or business situation, and someone in the group will make a comment that will simply rub you the wrong way. Hard. It could be intentional or uninten... Read More »

Have you seen this website about how offensive breastfeeding is?

I think it's a great campaign to show how obsessed North Americans are with a breast! There is also a campaign against Facebook because they remove pictures from people's personal accts that show a... Read More »