Do you think this is inappropriate for Wikipedia to show?

Answer Chances that Chuck "might be jacking off during school" to Wikipedia's 'Human Anus' article ............ 101%.

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Is the show 'Dora the Explorer' inappropriate?

Dora may be a boring show for parents, but is a fascinating show teaching our children everyday. So no, Dora is absolutely NOT inappropriate.

Why don't images from Wikipedia show up on my iPod?

its a problem from safaridownload yahoo axis for your ipodits a better free browser than the safarior opera minibut yahoo axis is better

Can anyone show me an example of a non-reliable/false Wikipedia article?

One most prominent example is Indian Mathematics. For the longest time several admins and moderators of Indian background were protecting and promoting pro-India false information in this article. ... Read More »

Can you skip episodes of a show by reading the Wikipedia summary?

Depends on the show. Some shows, like Dragon Ball Z, are very well documented on Wikipedia. Other shows, like Family Guy, look well documented but the Wikipedia coverage has ridiculous, inexplicabl... Read More »