Do you think this is healthy eating for the day?

Answer Hey,The nutritional value of your food sounds pretty good! My main advice though would be to lose the bourbon biscuit in the middle of the day. The sugar from it won't keep your hunger at bay for v... Read More »

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Do you think healthy eating campaigns are effective?

On One Hand: Advertising DisparitiesAccording to Marion Nestle, a nutrition professor at New York University, American food and drink producers spend $36 billion annually to advertise their product... Read More »


This is killing me! Why do people think I have an eating disorder?

That sounds super annoying,,,that happened to me once just ignore them and make sure they see the real you.

Do you think this will stop people from eating meat?

Aw, so you must be the one referred to as Ashley the Annoying... Glad to meat you!Won't stop me. Wake up, that fake vege crap does not taste as good as meat and you just admitted it. hmm, ...ani... Read More »