Do you think this is a serious head injury?

Answer I would look up on google some symptoms of serious head injuries but the best thing to do is go to a doctor before it gets worse or so that it can help heal faster

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Is this paint ball injury serious (back of head)?

Go to the doctor IMMEDIATLEY!! It's serious! You may well have a concussion! Or even cracked the skull. A paintball gone has force! Trust me, I know.. If you refuse medical attention at once more s... Read More »

The most common and serious complication of a significant head injury is?

Is this a serious injury?

To me it sounds like a migrane. They tend to be one sided and are basically a very servere headache. You sometimes have other symptoms such as sickness and sensitivity to light. they can last sever... Read More »

Head injury What could this be?

Could be a concussion. A concussion is basically a contusion (bruise) on the brain. It will heal like most other bruises. Although, you must remember that your brain is what controls everything you... Read More »