Do you think this interracial couple will last (pic)?

Answer Depends if someone knows each of their present and future personal intentions of keeping up their relationship.

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Would a couple be able to adopt if the wife has epilepsy that is controlled by medication and the couple has a decent income and own their own home?

Answer There is a high possibility and it's worth seeking out, but also there are lawyers that will help you adopt if all else fails. You can also adopt from other countries, but China is very ha... Read More »

If you have to cancel a holiday and you have travel insurance for a couple do each of you have to pay or is it per couple?

It depends on the school. For some schools, spring break's not even in March.

What are interracial couples called?

Interracial couples are called "mixed couples." Miscegenation, an outdated term dating back to 1863, once applied to relationships between individuals of different races. During the era of racial ... Read More »

Why is interracial dating so popular in LA?