Do you think this image is inappropriate for my school project?

Answer Your subject is rated-r. The graphic is appropriate. If your teacher has a problem with it, the problem is with your teacher. That said, be sure to cover your *** and ask about it before you sub... Read More »

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How to Cope When Your Child is Learning Inappropriate Things at School?

You come up to your kid and say, "Want to go get some ice-cream?" "Sure." they say back. Then you say, "Let's do it!", and suddenly they are cracking up. Why? "Do It" means to have sexual interacti... Read More »

Dried Food Project Ideas for a School Project?

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It's hard to maintain a healthy reputation about yourself, especially if you consider yourself "out there" and living in the moment. If your image in school is not the one you want, keep reading an... Read More »

How to Change Your Image in Middle School?

In middle school, changing your image is hard, very hard!