Do you think this $150 laptop is real or a scam?

Answer I don't think that laptop is not real and you will face lots of problems. I think can you buy a good laptop within $700- $1200. So don't take any risk.

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Do you think this is a scam?

Obviously if something is to good to be true, then it is.This is a PHISING (pronounced fishing) email where they are trying to get hold of your bank account details and ultimately to remove all you... Read More »

Do you think this item is a scam?

Yeah it usually is too good to be true to me, if their selling it for that much money. Better safe then sorry

Do you think this guy is trying to scam me?

100% scam.There is no buyer.There is only a scammer trying to steal your money.The next email was from another of the scammer's fake names and free email addresses pretending to be "Paypal" saying ... Read More »

How do I unlock my laptop from this virus or scam?

if a malware has gone far enough to lock your computer then its way too late, you can buy a fresh copy of Windows, wipe your hard drive and start over, this time install antivirus software beforeha... Read More »