Do you think thiis is a drinkers poem or what?

Answer That is a drinkers poem all the way! Quacked me up!!!!!!!

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Do you think thiis hair style will suit me ((picz inside))?

Who would win in a war between tea drinkers and coffee drinkers?

Tea of course, it got us through the war didn't it??

Do you think its rude to drink at your own house when you invite non-drinkers over?

If it's only 1-2 guests plus you and and your spouse, and one of those guests is a recovering alcoholic it would be extremely gracious of you to have no-alcohol occasion in consideration of your gu... Read More »

Michael Jackson Fans: What do you think of this poem?

That was an amazing poem and I liked how you incorporated so much of your personal emotion for him. I am a huge fan myself and can discern that this is definitely an excellent tribute to the legend... Read More »