Do you think theres such thing as real butter scotch beer?

Answer Yes there is " Real Butterscotch Beer" - Since 1374, the Flying Cauldron has been making this brew for under aged wizards at their brew pub in Hogsbreath England . It has the perfect combination o... Read More »

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I ordered a butterscotch latte from Starbucks, but it contained neither butter nor scotch. Should I complain?

When one is married to the most insufferable, nagging, battle axe on the planet, one learns to carry his own Scotch.

Did you know that I love scotch, scotchy scotch scotch, here it goes down, down into my belly, mmm mmm mmm?

i feel all deprived...i've never had scotch.i do like tequila though...yum.

If you had such strong braxton hicks contractions last night that you thought it was the real thing does that mean real labor is close?

Answer No, braxton hicks just help your uterus prepare but it does not mean you are close to delivery trust me I have been there too sweetie.

How to Make Butter Beer?

Butter beer is wonderful as a cheering winter warmer and it's not hard to make.