Do you think there is too much private information on Facebook?

Answer I've heard that if you fill in your details i.e. Hometown/phone #, but delete these later, Facebook retains the original information you provided in its database even though you've deleted it (howe... Read More »

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How to Protect Your Private Information on Facebook?

ID thieves could use Facebook to retrieve data.[1] Some advocate being extremely secure and private, and sharing as little as possible, but if you want to network, that defeats the purpose. Basic m... Read More »

Is there a way that i can look on someone's myspace or facebook page if its private?

nope. if its Private it means they don't want people looking at it. all you can do is add them as a friend and hope they accept :D x

Do you think there should be a dislike button on Facebook?

They do have a 'report' button, like Answers does.This is a bit disturbing to me, however. The FBI has legions that watch FB, so be careful about what you post.

Do you think people share too much on Facebook?

Yes they do share way too much.It's annoying. I mean sharing your whole day from start to finish just seems lame,people like that need to get a life outside of their computers. This is a stalkers d... Read More »