Do you think there is more Females then males that are vegetarians?

Answer Because most men don't post to internet forums like YA. I'd say from real life experience it's about 60% women; 40% men.

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Why do people think that vegetarians care more about animals then humans?

From what I have noticed most people that advocate for human rights are part the oppressed group or have had a personal experience with that they try to bring awareness to. It is unfair to say tha... Read More »

Why do females cry more than males?

Females cry easily. However, psychologists, sociologists, behavioral therapists and laypersons observe that males also cry in dire situations.Theories/SpeculationThe perception that females cry mos... Read More »

Are males more likely than females to get heart disease?

According to the National Institutes of Health, men are more likely to get heart disease in their 40s than women. However, the risk for women becomes nearly equal as they get older and reach menopa... Read More »

Easy Elementary Science Projects That Compare Males to Females?

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