Do you think their should be a age limit on marrige?

Answer yes i do, 18 and over, no way in hell should they allow a young girl to get married, it never works, and most of the time it is an abusive marriage, where they are so young. it messes up your mind ... Read More »

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What do you think the age limit should be on Myspace?

I think the "official" age is 13 - a 9 yr old has no business on MySpace. But I think it's too raunchy even for 13 year olds. I think it should be 17+. I closed down my profile there because of al... Read More »

Don't you think women should stop being goofy & get back to eating placenta 4 their own & their babby's health?

We're actually trying to decide right now if my friends online birth should be followed by a placental cooking or gardening smegment. Maybe we'll do both. The health benefits can not be denied though.

Do you think Brangelina should sell photos of their twins?

This is a very tricky question and if it were me, I wouldn't sell pictures of my kids for the internet; however I am not a celebrity.Think back to the way the media made Princess Diana's life hell.... Read More »

Why do some people think that children should not be their priority?

I've seen this, too. The only way it makes sense to me is if a mother has to dress for success at her job where she doesn't make much money, but even that is flimsy. You can get good stuff without ... Read More »