I think I have broken at least 1 rib, but apparently doctors cant really help. Is it worth me going to see?

Answer You won't have a pneumothorax if the injury is over two weeks old. Strapping of ribs is not advised as it prevents expansions of the chest. If your chest is wheezy or you are having breathing diffi... Read More »

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What are some albums that you think are really great and you would love the World to know about?

hello Lawmanthis was such an epic question that I'm simply answering so i'll have it on my list of answersi can't wait to look into many of the records mentioned above..just a random 10 albums "For... Read More »

Who is going to win celebrity big brother 2012?

Frankie cocozza will win celebrity big brother...... I think the twins will go next.

Who is going to win American idol 2012?

Is there going to be a Serious Explorers in 2012?

I recently emailed CBBC and they said that a new Serious Series was in development.