Do you think the scientific process should be taught in all schools?

Answer As a sometime scientist (about to be an ex sometime scientist) I'm interested by this question. When I went to school from the age of 11 to 16 we had separate science classes in physics, biology an... Read More »

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Is religion taught in public schools in England?

Yes, religion is taught in public schools in the United Kingdom, which includes England. The subject, called "religious education," is part of the National Curriculum and is taught in key stages th... Read More »

Which Subjects Are Taught in Georgia High Schools?

High school courses are more rigorous and in depth than middle school and also require that students take on more individual responsibility. In general, Georgia high schools require that a student ... Read More »

Bible Curriculm Taught in Christian Schools?

Typically, Christian schools include a Bible class as part of the curriculum. The Christian schools may choose a program that aligns with their mission and vision statements. Most of the curriculum... Read More »

Reasons Why Film Photography Should Still Be Taught in Schools?

Digital cameras have made the art of photography available for everyone. Now the ever-decreasing price of such equipment means that even the average person can get a good camera for a reasonable pr... Read More »