Do you think the president should have the right to shut down the internet?

Answer He is not talking about shutting down the entire Internet, he is talking about shutting down critical infrastructure, mostly linked to power, finances, medical, and transportation in the event of a... Read More »

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Do you think its right for a teenager to have laptop with internet?

if theres no firewall and antispyware/adware then yes its easy to hack into it. shes 17 it perfectly fine and if you have the means for it then yea she should have it.

Can you shut down someones internet if i live in England and he lives in America?

Short answer to that is, you couldn't do it even if you tried.Don't take to much notice what you see in films.What happens in films does NOT happen in real life!Funny that you don't even say what y... Read More »

Should youtube be shut down?

Should we shut down YouTube?