Do you think the "loss" adoptees feel is the same "loss" as foster kids feel?

Answer There is a reason you have no answers here.Foster kids are the wounded OF THE wounded. Not only did they suffer separation but they were abused or neglected by their own family, used as an investme... Read More »

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Why do some adoptees feel loss, and others don't?

Great question Lillie - this has also been on my mind a lot lately.Some others have bought up some very good points - - personality- gender- feelings definately have there own cycles (feelings chan... Read More »

If Adoptees who Feel Loss are Whiners?

The funny thing here is that AP's and PAP's tend to view the "angry/whiny" adoptee as their enemy. they think their children will never grow up? Or do they think these feelings don't real... Read More »

If you get your periods 10days late afterthat feel nausea headaches bloated stomach loss og appetite but still gain weight and now feel pain in your right leg does it mean you m pregnant or ovulating?

AnswerYou are definitely pregnant think about your period has not come yet and your gain weight and throwing up those are all symptoms of your being pregnant

For the "I don't feel loss" folks...Can you see a difference between...?

I have spent most of my life in the "I gained more than I lost camp," but I have always known that I lost something. I just convinced myself and was told by others that what I lost wasn't of any va... Read More »