You are 36 wks dilated 1 cm effaced 50 Today a lot of lower back pain this is your 6th baby think it will be soon?

Answer yes i have a friend like that

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Who do you think will win American Idol 2010. Please add one to the count under the name of the person you think will win I will remove each person who is kicked off the show.?

Do you think that if Mothers of the EMS/BSE speak out about their surrenders that it will change things today?

Yes. The more people are speaking, the louder your voices get, and the harder it is to ignore you. The more people get defensive and insist on changing the subject, the more they call attention t... Read More »

Today s Date is 666 will the world end Today?

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!Nothing is going to happen! We've survived 06/06/06 before! 1906, 1806, 1706, etc!Think about the people living in 06/06/1666 or 06/06/666.We're fine, stop worrying.

Do you think Blue-Ray was successful Do you think it will succeed in replacing DVDs in the future?

Blue-Ray is definitely the future as far as storage media is concerned. It is just a matter of time when BD replaces conventional DVD as the storage media of choice in the future. BD has more than ... Read More »