Do you think that using someones connection through wireless is theft?

Answer In a way yes...but who will find out....go for it!!!!!

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How can i can tell if someones using my wireless connection?

How to connect to xbox live using my laptop that is connected to someones wireless internet?

Yes, but you can't use your laptop while playing. Source(s):…for xp…for vista

Can you set up a wireless connection on a laptop while using a hard wired connection?

You can configure your wireless connection while you are connected to a LAN line. But once you have it set up, make sure you disconnect one or the other for optimum performance. Having two connecti... Read More »

How do I access a computer through a wireless connection?

Router NetworksConnect the computer you want to connect to on a wireless router. You can connect the computer wirelessly or through a network cable. Set up the router by plugging it in and plugging... Read More »