Do you think that this is an ACL tear?

Answer You could have a partial ACL tear too. but if it hurts to bend it and straighten it i would think its your meniscus. You have the same symptoms as meniscus too. Either way this will show up on the ... Read More »

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Do you think that this is a good PC?

I have gone through the specifications and this is a good computer. They are not giving a monitor and hence you will have to spend additional 100 dollars for a monitor. In the accessories tab they ... Read More »

Do u think that this is funny ?

They were so funny you made me laugh! Thanks for making my day!

Do u think that THIS is violent?

yeah and ladybug lady bug fly away home, ur house is on fire and ur childeren r alone!!! ohh yeah and the old man bumped his head and never woke up!

Do you think that this is ethical or right?

This email you post is a good example of what is known as a reproductive predator. Similar to how a sexual predator seeks out vulnerable women and children to exploit, a reproductive predator trac... Read More »