Do you think that this is a good PC?

Answer I have gone through the specifications and this is a good computer. They are not giving a monitor and hence you will have to spend additional 100 dollars for a monitor. In the accessories tab they ... Read More »

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Do you think women who want to be stay-at-home moms think that they aren't good enough for anything else?

That just shows how smart you're not.Many women chose to be, because they believe their kids come first. If they don't need the income, why not? I was lucky enough to where I didn't need to work. Y... Read More »

Do you think a video that has 3,481 views is good, really good, or bad?

Do you think that its good that im 88 years of age and can use a computer?

you're never too old to use a PC. i have many customers that are still buying web hosting from me that are older than you!My oldest client is 96

Do You Think This Was A Good Deal?