Do you think that teens should be able to get on Myspace at school?

Answer you don't need to get on myspace a lot.i don't pay taxes on my hard earned income to pay for computers for your school so you can check to see if your friend wants to play grabass after school on m... Read More »

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Do you think that women should be able to use birth control pills?

Oh geeeee whizz! Then i guess we should be locking up all the baby killing men that masturbate! They are killing hundreds of thousands of "potential" children all around the world!Give me a break. ... Read More »

Do you think myspace is made 4 teens or adults (TELL THE TRUTH)?

Do you think that infants should go to nursury school as early as at the age of 2 ?

Children at the age of 2 are ready for playing environments that nurseries provide these days, and such places have been highly beneficial for such age groups to teach them sharing, socializing, ma... Read More »

Do u think myspace should be deleted?

NO!!! why should it? just cuz kids are retards and were raised poorly dosen't mean myspace should be deleted.parents should have raised their children with more common sense. you could bash me and ... Read More »