Do you think that its good that im 88 years of age and can use a computer?

Answer you're never too old to use a PC. i have many customers that are still buying web hosting from me that are older than you!My oldest client is 96

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My computer is 5 years old. What is that in human years ?

bs to all the people that said its time to go, I have an ibook g3 clamshell in my collection a much slower processor than any 5 year old computer but it still works fine, Just because its a mac ... Read More »

Am I good at rapping, i am 14 years old, how good am I on a scale of 1-10.?

Give you a 10 for being yourself and not bad at all.listen to j cole and Kanye west to. Study Eminem and how he puts together words.there should be a video on you tube with him talking about it I s... Read More »

How much ram will the average computer have in 10 years?

Which is better: upgrading your computer or getting a new one if the old one is more than 5 years old?