Do you think that going to college is important?

Answer Having a college education opens doors that may not otherwise ever open for you. That doesn't mean you can't succeed in life without it, but it can have a huge impact on career earnings and persona... Read More »

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Do you think that going to a community college is a bad choice?

From what I've heard (I went straight to a 4-year), these are the community colleges pros and cons:PROS:* Way cheaper, both for tuition, and because you can usually live at home, so you don't have ... Read More »

Do you think to many people are going to college?

No as many as there have been unless more people apply 4 scholarships because of the economy and the fact that student loans are so hard to find many people will just look 4 jobs or go to things su... Read More »

How important is the type of college degree that you earn?

On One Hand: Narrow Focus: Getting Specific DegreesThe type of college degree you earn can be important if you have a specific field you would like to go into. According to, few... Read More »

Do you all think that one day there is going to be an epidemic that will break out of a rage virus?

It's not that far fetched. The Spanish flu of 1918 killed around 5% of the world population. And of course there were many other disease throughout the years that killed off tons of the world popul... Read More »