Do you think that going to a community college is a bad choice?

Answer From what I've heard (I went straight to a 4-year), these are the community colleges pros and cons:PROS:* Way cheaper, both for tuition, and because you can usually live at home, so you don't have ... Read More »

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Do you think that going to college is important?

Having a college education opens doors that may not otherwise ever open for you. That doesn't mean you can't succeed in life without it, but it can have a huge impact on career earnings and persona... Read More »

Characteristics That Contribute to a Community College?

Community college structure varies throughout the country, depending on the community served. Smaller schools offer educational services to rural populations, while urban schools can be as big as a... Read More »

Do you think to many people are going to college?

No as many as there have been unless more people apply 4 scholarships because of the economy and the fact that student loans are so hard to find many people will just look 4 jobs or go to things su... Read More »

Can you get Scholarships and grants at a community college Or is that just for big universities?

Community Colleges process FAFSA just like the Unis doCCs also have scholarships, etc.... I know cc students who are on cheerleading scholarships and academic scholarshipsPerhaps you should contact... Read More »