Do you think that drinking at the age of 21 years of age is still too young?

Answer It depends on the person, some people should never drink.

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Do you think 12 years old is a little too young to get you belly button peirced?

Why on gods Earth does your son have a tattoo at 15?

Is it okay to start drinking, even though your still at work on New Years Eve?

Of course it least now you have an excuse...I mean you drink at work the other 250 +/- days, so why worry now?

Is an unopened bottle of tequila 20 years old still good for drinking or does it have an expiration period?

Liquors do not age once they are bottled. As long as its been kept in a cool, dry, and dark place you are good to imbibe. It should be fine if it is not opened. When people ferment alcohol it is a ... Read More »

I'm 35 but worry that wearing a ponytail is too young for me. Do you think it is?

No you're not too old! Ponytails are in fashion. Depending on how you style it, ponytails can be sophisticated.You see people on the red carpet with elegant ponytails, with jewellery in their hair ... Read More »