Do you think that a hacker would make a good consultant on computer security?

Answer Actually, a family member WAS a Hacker and is now making major money STOPPING Hackers. His skills were an EGO thing and he wanted to be the best. Now he realizes the potential harm and points out... Read More »

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Do you think that its good that im 88 years of age and can use a computer?

you're never too old to use a PC. i have many customers that are still buying web hosting from me that are older than you!My oldest client is 96

Do you think that the makeup forever hd foundation would work good for me?

the hd foundtion is for normal to dry skin if you have oily skin its not going two work its medium coverage if you have oily skin try the make up forever matte velet puls that is for your type of s... Read More »

Do you think that Tom Green would have made a good cartoonist?

he is a good cartoonist, have you seen zebras in America?

What would be a good salary for a IT consultant in Geneva?

Did you know about the following:The personal wages ‘Salarium’ is an interactive application which allows you to obtain for a specific job (economic branch, region etc) and for a selection of ... Read More »