Do you think that a 12 year old girl should be Embarrassing question?

Answer i do, im 13 and have them. i guess it doesnt matter. i have the same size as you. a lot of people wear them! as long as it fits and you are comfortable, i think its okay.

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Should a 12 year old girl that had sex be pregnant?

It's entirely possible if you've gotten your period before, and even if you haven't. There've been cases of girls as young as eleven giving birth.You need to talk to your parents and get tested. If... Read More »

Do you think that a 14 year older should...?

I got my first non-ear piercing when I was fourteen, and through the years you realize that there isn't really an age where you become ready for piercings or not. Either you want one or you don't, ... Read More »

How much should a 10 year old girl weigh that is 4 '10?

You're very young to be worrying about your weight, sweetheart. If you're concerned, please talk to your parents or your GP. If you are medically overweight then your doctor can give you a meal pla... Read More »

Question for vegans/vegetarians who think that humans should not eat meat because it's not natural?

Salute me, then. Because I am a vegan who believes that humans are natural omnivores- and I'm someone who refused to go to a hospital when I broke my wrist (animal testing reasons).It's HOW the ani... Read More »