Do you think that WIKIPEDIA is a reliable website?

Answer It is as reliable as the users who write the information areYou can see:…that is what they have to say about it.The way Wikipedia works is that people are... Read More »

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Is Wikipedia a reliable website?

No, it's not.The first draft of each article is usually written by someone who is not very active on Wikipedia. They may or may not know a lot about the topic. After the first draft, a small, core ... Read More »

Is a reliable website for facts?

There are quite enough reasons to distrust Wikipedia without even having to make fun of Jimbo's personal life. I would think the best reasons are concrete mistakes that have actually appeared in Wi... Read More »

Is WikiPedia really a reliable encyclopedia website for real infomation?

I really like the website. When I search for any subject, which happens a lot at work, generally Wikipedia is the first search result on the list. It's quick and overall informative. A lot of good ... Read More »

Do you think wikipedia is reliable source?

i think ts pretty reliable. The have discussion pages as to what should be included in the articles and every edit is recorded so it usually doesnt end up being really bad. p.s. one day i was bore... Read More »