Do you think that KingPolly will become a criminal when he is older?

Answer Seeing as you only joined yahoo today it makes me wonder how you could be familiar with Polly so soon, are you hiding somewhere Polly?

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If i become a vegtarian and try meat again will i be sick?

If you ate too much in one meal it could make you feel queasy but otherwise you will be fine.Dune

Do You Think Facebook Will Change Again From Timeline To Something Else?

change shall come my dear, it may not be now. But they will definitely upgrade their systems and will change it to keep customers happy. they have to change once in a while, but might be a long tim... Read More »

Is it true that if you have a filling that tooth will go bad again in 5 years no matter how good you take care of it?

Answer No, that isn't true. Most fillings do need to be replaced eventually, but it depends on a lot of things. Just because you have a filling doesn't mean that tooth will always get decay. I p... Read More »

Is it true that after a guy ejaculates it takes 3days for the sperm to become fertile again so if my bf withdraws then i cant become pregnant anyways his teacher was a DR. who said it takes 3days.hlp?

No, If he ejaculates inside of you and his sperm is viable, if you are ovulating you can become pregnant.