Do you think that I need braces?

Answer Hell yeah! ...Then go to an Ophthalmologist and have your Intraocular pressure checked. Your eyes seem to be "bugging" out.

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I want braces but I don't think I need them?

If you want braces talk to your dentist. If they tell you that you need them schedule an appointment with your local ortho. Believe me if you don't have to get braces don't. I just recently got min... Read More »

I need any and all sexy party themes that you can think of, even if you think they're rediculous?

16 year olds and 25 year olds together in a sex themed bus?? I'd be more concerned about what you are gonna tell the judge when you get arressted by the Po-Po's!!!!

For those that don't think we need health care reform: What do you think the difference is?

I am blessed to be Canadian, and I have to say that I think not to have health care available to all just shocks me.When I had my daughter, she was born early, and spent two and a half months in th... Read More »

Dentist said I need braces, but I have already had braces in the past (please read details)?

Hi! I would go to the specialist first to see what he/she thinks you need. I would listen to the specialist kind of like a tie breaker. Even if he/she says you NEED braces, they are your teeth and ... Read More »