Do you think that Denny's should start serving an Octomom breakfast platter?

Answer Hahahahaha! Good one. I am a sever at Denny's and that was very funny! Ima tell all my coworkers about this. The "OctoSlam!"

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Do u think i should start smoking or start taking drugs?

Restaurants Serving Only Breakfast & Lunch in Norfolk, Virginia?

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Do you realize that unless you pay California state taxes your tax dollars are not paying for octomom?

Heya Fleur. No, I don't agree with you (but still love ya, nonetheless). My concern, more than anything, would be the kiddos. I really feel for all 14 of them.Personally, I do not think she is a me... Read More »

What should I have for breakfast that not fattening?

yogurt, healthy cereal, fruit, or granola yummm (: lol