Do you think suspending children in kindergarten is ok?

Answer I am a Kindergarten teacher and my answer in short form is YES. Here's why:Children in Kindergarten only get suspended in my school (and I'm sure in many reasonably minded schools) when everything... Read More »

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What Are the Consequences of Filing & Suspending Social Security Benefits?

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Games for Children in Kindergarten?

Young children need time to play and enjoy school. However, kindergartners also have set standards they are expected to learn by the end of the school year. Combine standards, curriculum and love... Read More »

How to Teach ESL to Kindergarten Children?

With kindergarten age children, the emphasis for teaching English as a second language should be on fun. Children in this age group might just be starting to learn to recognize letters and words in... Read More »

Activities for Kindergarten Children?

Kindergarten activities are available for every school subject. Activities range from worksheets to games. Varying activities throughout the school year will keep your kindergartners engaged in the... Read More »