Do you think some people are ignorant about Wikipedia and give it an unfair rap?

Answer It takes ignorance to think Wikipedia is any good.Supposedly mistakes are corrected quickly. Wrong. It took years to get Mike Ilitch's birthplace right. It took months to correct the slander agains... Read More »

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Are people who say Wikipedia isn't reliable just ignorant?

I went on Wikipedia a lot when I graded papers for a tenured professor. I didn't even need plagiarism detection software to tell that a certain phrase or paragraph had been lifted off Wikipedia. On... Read More »

For people who signed on to Wikipedia do you think that they treat their users unfair?

I thought that was what they were all about, or supposed to be all about was having ppl like us help them when we edit something they wrote! I have only "helped" them once, and that was in regard ... Read More »

Why is Wikipedia so unfair?

Lots of people have had similar experience. Most of the time its the blockee trying to constantly push some pov and they get blocked, but some admins are too heavy handed in cases and block the opp... Read More »

Why does Wikipedia draw so much unfair criticism?

Since any criticism of Wikipedia is "unfair criticism," the question then becomes why does Wikipedia draw any criticism at all?The answer is because millions of people trust it blindly, while ignor... Read More »