Do you think size 0 is toooo skinny!?

Answer Yes, size 0 is too thin. Size 0 did not even exist a number of years ago. Our society seems to be heading in very unhealthy directions, on both ends of the scale. What ever happened to "medium" ... Read More »

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Do you think I'm fat or skinny?

you are skinny, when i was in middle school i was 5'3 and 130lbs and people said i was medium

Do you think too skinny(pic)?

Do you think im fat, average, or skinny?

I don't think I am skinny?

A healthy weight for 5'8'' is 135-155 . So yes, you are underweight. And most teen girls see themselves differently than others see them, so that part is normal. Just don't worry about losing any m... Read More »